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Surprising Monkey- Prankster's Toy

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Looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your prankster friends, siblings, boyfriend, girlfriend, co-workers or even yourself? Introducing the latest and hottest toy in the market right now “The Surprising Monkey”, furry friend that pops up anywhere!

With this little Surprising Monkey, get ready to hide and surprise your friends or family members anytime, anywhere! Make sure you catch their reactions on tape and share them with everyone for a little giggle and fun over this holiday season!

This furry little thing comes with 3 different prank modes: built-in timer mode, button mode and wire mode. Best of all, no batteries required for it to operate. Put it in a cup or pocket and watch your unsuspecting victims jump or scream as you make it pop up!

This amazing toy is in extremely high demand at the moment and we do have limited stock available. Hurry, order now to avoid disappointment!