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Alexia's Flash Moment Hair Finishing Stick

Alexia's Flash Moment Hair Finishing Stick

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Remember all the times that you've spent styling your hair but as soon as you step outside, all those stray ends, flyaways and baby hairs just ruin your look?

This small tube of ALEXIA Flash Moment Hair Finishing Stick is the solution you need! 

Helps Tame:

  • Neck Hairs
  • Baby Hairs
  • Broken Hairs on both sides
  • Unwanted Cowlicks

This is a convenient solution for to hold your hair perfectly without slathering on tons of nasty hairspray which causes further breakage. The hair stick is made using natural plant oils which helps you achieve the flawless look while strengthening and conditioning your hair.

Made with natural plant extracts (jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, camellia oil)

Key Benefits:

✔ Gives you a strong & long-lasting hold

✔ Made of natural ingredients which strengthen & conditions your hair

✔ Keeps hair dry using the non-greasy formula

✔ Convenient, small-sized, easy to carry and it's lightweight

✔ Suitable for all ages & all hair types and colours