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Hollywood DIY Vanity LED Light Kit

Hollywood DIY Vanity LED Light Kit

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Check out our Hollywood style DIY vanity light kit, featuring a 10 LED bulbs, which produce bright white lights and a soft glow through the frosted globes to illuminate your entire face, no matter how dim the environment is while you do your make up at home. You can now say goodbye to flawed makeup application due to dim light!

With the supplied double-sided tapes, the bulbs can be quickly and easily fixed on both glossy and textured surfaces within minutes. Just peel, stick and plug it in to power source. No electrical installation required! The bulbs are super energy efficient.

Designed with “hidden” or discreet wires, the length of the wires also allow them to fit most small / medium mirrors and keeps your mirror neat without having excess wires exposed after installation.

An adjustable dimmer switch with memory function is located at the end of this light kit to soften and control the brightness levels for easier or more comfortable viewing on the eyes. Once you have adjusted your preferred brightness, the memory function allows it to remember the setting when you have to use it again.

This amazing light kit can transform your regular mirror into a dream come true Hollywood style vanity mirror without breaking your bank when compared to buying a pre-made vanity mirror!

Get flawless! Grab one now while stock lasts!

Packaging includes:

1x Vanity Light kit with a choice of 10 LED light bulbs

1x Dimmer switch & Self-adhesive stickers

**Mirror is not included**

Product specifications:
Colour: White
Finish: Glossy
Type Of Bulb: 20W Energy Saving LED Bulbs

Installation Method: Self-Adhesive
Switch: Dimming feature + Memory feature