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Professional Soak Off Nail Polish Remover

Professional Soak Off Nail Polish Remover

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Our Professional Soak-Off Nail Polish Remover helps you easily break down and take off the gel polish in just 1 minute. 

With the quick-dissolving solution, smear the remover lightly over your nail polish and peel off without leaving any residue. 

It guarantees you simple steps of polish removal process without soaking in acetone, foils use or scraping of nails. 



  • Instant & Simple Removal of Nail Polish :
    Auto-burst of soak-off gel after applying the remover in1 minute
  • No Damages to nails :
    Self-peeling, requires noscraping, foil use or soaking in acetone
  • Odorless & Non-Irritative : 
    Full protection to the nail bed
  • Suitable for many different types of nail polish : 
    Gel base, base coat, top coat, matte top coat, 3D nail decorations and more
  • Time and Cost Effective :
    Say goodbye to expensive nail salon!

How to Use? All you need is just these 3 easy steps!

        1. Apply the nail remover onto your nails.
        2. Wait for 1-2 minutes for the magic "burst".
        3. Peel off all leftovers gently and apply coating if necessary.